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and welcome to this, actually more private than public, "Unreal Development Kit" (UDK) Wiki. The Reason why I create this Wiki is that, that the Content of the "Unreal Development Network" (UDN) is more or less outdated and/or is very incomplete at some point.

Please don't understand me wrong! The UDN is a great knowledge base and i am really appreciate its existence. But in compare to the Valve Developer Community it contain much less content than it could be to help newbies like me to understand how the Unreal Engine is working. For me it looks more like a Reference for people that already had worked with The Unreal Engine at some point. Some article looks like they are created in a big hurry or it sometimes looks like the author die in the middle of the process of writing them. ;} And, unfortunately, i think  EPIC will not add any more content to it because anybody is now focusing on the Unreal Engine 4.

So, I wanna collect all I found on the WWW here on a central place and I thought it would be a good idea to do this public so that other people, that wanna work with Unreal Development Kit for Unreal Engine 3, can use this Wiki here as centralized Knowledge base, too.

But as i say before I do this actually more for me than for others, because I think there is not much big interest in Unreal Engine 3 anymore.

Please tell me that I lie! ;]

And i don't guarantee for the correctness of the here stored knowledge because i am a newbie to Unreal Engine.

And, Please, I don't care about Unreal Engine 4, at the moment, so please don't bother me with stuff like "Go to UE4, its much cooler, much more advanced and more EPIC" and so on.


  1. I don't want to pay for a Software where i need to learn first how it work, it sets me under pressure to use it because i pay for it and if i don't use it, i waste money!
  2. As far as i heard its kinda unstable and under heavy development, and i don't like to be a person that pay for being a beta-tester, if you like this, go ahead and join the UE4 community, EPIC is doing great work there, but for me its not the right way at the moment.
  3. And last but not least, I just don't have to money to use it, no matter how cool or stable it maybe is.

Soo, feel free to browse through the Wiki and if you like to help me to completing and/or correcting the here stored Knowledge, just talk to me.

I really would appreciate this. :]

Even if you not interested in Unreal Engine 3, i would appreciate any help i can get here to storing and formatting information and correct my horrible english :D


     Unreal Engine 3
         UE3 Basics
             Engine Tools
                 Unreal Console
                 Unreal Frontend
             Unreal Editor
                     Actors Browser
                     Attachments Browser
                     Content Browser
                     Layers Browser
                     Level Browser
                     Scene Manager
                     Referenced Assets Browser
                     Texture statistics Browser
                 Editor Modes
                     Unreal Editor Geometry Mode
                     Unreal Editor Terrain Mode
                     Unreal Editor Mesh Paint Mode
                     Unreal Editor Static Mesh
                     Unreal Editor Landscape Mode
                     Unreal Editor Foliage Mode
                     Editor Console Commands
                     Map Errors
                     Content Browser Database
                     SCC Integration
                     Editor Package Save Procedure
                     Unreal Editor Interface User guide
                     >move>Unreal Editor Interface Creating a Map
                     Unreal Editor Interface Main MenuBar
                     Unreal Editor Interface Main ToolBar
                     Unreal Editor Interface Main Editor Toolbox
                     Unreal Editor Interface Buttons
                     Unreal Editor Interface Hotkeys
                     Unreal Editor Interface Viewpoint Toolbar
                     Unreal Editor Interface View Modes
                     Unreal Editor Interface Show Flags
                     Unreal Editor Interface Color Picker
                     Unreal Editor Interface Property Window
                     Unreal Editor Interface Play in Editor (PIE)

                     AnimSet Editor
                     Anim Tree Editor
                     Asset Consolidation Tool
                     Reference Tree Tool
                     Bulk Import
                     Material Editor
                     Material Instance Editor
                     Post Process Editor
                     Static Mesh Editor
                     SoundCue Editor
                     Terrain Editor
     Content Creation
     Level Editing
     3ds Max

Caeon Aximand (talk) 11:17, December 19, 2014 (UTC)

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